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For more than a decade, Lori has been using her gifts to provide direction through life's journeys.... Lori is Clairvoyant, which is the ability to forsee. Lori is a Channel, which allows her to communicate with Guides, Angels, and Those who have crossed over. Lori does Psychometry, which is the ability to "read" off of pictures & personal belongings. Lori uses Tarot Cards and does Dream Interpretations.



Lori has lived locally in Las Vegas, NV for over 20 years.

She's co-hosted 3 local Radio shows over the past years:

"Future Fridays" on 92.3 FM KOMP,

"Through the Looking Glass" on 97.1 FM THE POINT,

"Psychic Wednesdays" on 97.5 FM KVEG.

She has also been featured on local televisio:

 New Years Eve 2000 on local Channel 13,

New Years Eve 2002 on FOX 5

"Psychic Fridays" on FOX 5 TV.

She has written advice columns for:

 CityLife Las Vegas,

 Las Vegas Weekly.