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Welcome 2018 - Year of the Brown Earth Dog




We read this last week & thought it beautiffully discussed the Year of the Brown Earth Dog of 2018: 


"We welcome the Tibetan and Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog. After an extreme Year of the Fire Rooster, which stirred our passions and ignited us to rise and mobilize into action, we now move into the grounding energy of double Earth in this New Year of the Dog.

Integrity becomes central in all we do, as we continue to re-build a more solid foundation that is rooted and aligned with our universal values of love and respect for all. In this cycle we ground down and take our power back. We use discernment with what we take in and consume in all ways, be it television, social media, thoughts, attitudes, the food we eat, what we buy etc.  Dog shows us the importance of being loyal and how that deepens our relations. We are reminded to use our bark against Injustice as we team up as guardians and caretakers of our planet Earth and all that we hold sacred.

We are waking up, and together rising. Like Sting once sang, "There is a deeper wave than this, swelling in the world... There is a deeper wave than this, listen to me girl."

Here's the Astral Insights on this 2018 Chinese and Tibetan New Year of Earth Dog. First from Narrye Caldwell, Chinese Astrologer and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

"The inevitability of change is a fundamental principle in Chinese astrology. And the ability to skillfully adjust to continually shifting cycles, is a longevity art. Wisdom tells us, that no matter what difficulties you are facing, no matter how hopeless or frightening the situation seems, if you wait it out, a turning point will come. The important thing is to maintain your composure and recognize the moment when appropriate action will be effective." That turning point is now. Welcome to the Year of the Earth Dog.

Let's begin with the element (Earth) that rules this year. Earth has the qualities of stability, nourishment, consistency, balance and harmony. Earth is related to the digestive system in Chinese medicine, and its function of selecting, through our appetite, the correct foods for our condition. When working well, our earth element effortlessly transforms food and thought, (everything we take in), into substance and vitality. When depleted we can get stuck, exhausted, lose our way, become obsessive worriers.

"The coming lunar year, which begins on February 16, is a double Earth year. Not only do we have Earth appearing in the natural cycle of heavenly chi (which progresses through Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water for two years each), but also, the Dog's innate element is Earth... To make best use of this incoming Earth energy, it will be crucial to pay attention to your diet. By this I mean not just the food you eat, but everything you take in; this includes thoughts, ideas, information, and attitudes.

"Attention to what you feed yourself this year will have profound effects on the health of your own Earth element, (your ability to sort fact from fiction) and may determine whether you can rise courageously above the turmoil that threatens the village, or end up in the bog with the marauders...

The Dog is all about loyalty and guardianship. Honest, trustworthy, and fair, Dog is a vigilant protector of friends, family, and all he holds dear. Some call Dog a cynic and an anxious worrier. But who among us doesn't know this territory? When you care about something deeply, and are charged with protecting it with your life, you'd be anxious too. When well supported, the best qualities of Dog come forward- corruption is rooted out, tyranny and oppression overturned, and justice prevails.

However, when dogs are stressed, isolated, and left without compassionate leadership, (consider the poor junkyard dog chained alone outside), they can turn into dangerous unpredictable lunatics.

This we want to avoid by putting aside our differences, seeing the best in each other, teaming up for the higher good, and generally behaving like a well-organized pack. The restoration of justice is the opportunity of the Dog year."

© Copyright 2018 ~Narrye Caldwell. All Rights Reserved


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January Horoscopes


CAPRICORN: The New Year starts of with some left over 2018 drama that needs to be resolved once and for all. You may need to finally sit someone down and tell them they way things really are. None of us like confrontation; however, it's time to clear the air once and for all. 2019 Can be a big year for Caps. If you need a new job or source of income. you want to start laying the foundation as quickly as possible. This will ensure tangible results over the next 6 months or so. Personal growth is another big focal point as well. Have you been struggling to find yourself? This year will give you multiple opportunities to do so. Think outside the box and test your boundaries. Relationships will be another specific area that will consume your focus. Singles will be able to meet that special someone with little or no effort. Work on clearing any old emotional baggage ASAP! We don't want to penalize a new love interest with the ghosts of your past. Those of you in long- term commitments need to get back to the basics with your love. Reinstated passion could give relationship boredom some serious heat. The one thing that is a priority is to not take any small health matter for granted. Over the next year, stay on top of all health-related checkups or preventative screenings. This will avoid major issues from becoming a health crisis.

AQUARIUS: Hello 2019 it can't come fast enough for some. Granted 2018 was a year for some of you with fantastic new beginnings. It may have been a difficult road in order to get here but don't look at the negatives but how resilient you are in making a come back. Now let's talk money matters, this year if you are looking for a job, or even a part time source of income? Reaching out to those you already know or contacts that you have been previously established are the ones to start with. Promotional opportunities in current work environments are also going to come up later in the year. Go for it. Personally, this is a big year. Singles are supposed to be putting themselves in new social setting in order to meet someone with the "IT" factor. Those of you in long-term relationships are going to look at taking the next step Marriage for some or even Babies for others. Unfortunately, those of you who are in unhappy situations personal, professional or other may have a difficult decision to make this year. You will find it unbearable to stay in any unhappy situations. Changes are necessary. You will be happier as a result.

PISCES: If you have spent this last year spinning your wheels, it's now time to get it together. You can not continue to waste time and energy on the areas of your life that not going anywhere. It's time to apply the efforts to get results. Unfortunately work, career, and money areas are #1 priority. You will have to be honest with yourself. The choices that you make this year regarding employment or career will impact the next 3yrs of your life. Think about! Personally, you're moving into a year of empowerment. New Loves, New Prospective, and, for some of you, an unexpected move to a new geographic location. Empowerment can come in many forms. Releasing outdated thought processes can also help us to break habits and patterns that can lead to addiction. Anger or other negative emotions cannot continue to hold you hostage from happiness internally or externally. Keep in mind addiction is not always limited to drugs and or alcohol. Whatever area you could be negatively impacted by, changes you implement can release this behavior once and for all. Some of you may need to incorporate medical assistance, as necessary.

ARIES: When you reflect on 2018. It wasn't all bad. It's important to reflect with clarity. If you found that you were not able to get as many things accomplished as you had hoped, you still have time to get back on track. This coming year selflove and selfcare are going to become top priority! It's not selfish to put you at the top of the list. Work and career aspect couldn't be better. If you haven't found the right fit yet, consider learning something new or even adding to your education will definitely have a positive impact on your future goals. Relationships in all areas of your life are changing. Some of you will have to address family matters that are painful but healing. Those of you in unhealthy intimate relationships must release any toxic person that is impeding your overall happiness. Don't be afraid to go it alone! You have support systems in place in order to help you move on. Your financial picture is solid. Take care of any legal matters as early in the year as possible. Enlist a professional if necessary.

TAURUS: 2018 was supposed to help you identify the areas of your life that need to be reassessed and improved. In 2019 Uranus moves into Taurus staying until 2026. Major results come with this planetary influence. Now is the time to stop standing in your own way. If you have yet to establish solid results in any area of your life you need to take a deep hard look at yourself. You cannot continue to blame the past, others or experiences on why things have not come full circle for you. You and only you can grow and make things happen. Money matters are always going to be a delicate matter with all Bulls. How you create a long-term source of financial security is crucial this year. Relationships with children, parents, and even siblings must be resolved once in for all for you to be able to give and receive love. In doing so, this will positively impact your ability to attract healthy intimate relationship partners. Singles could see a friendship turn into a serious emotional connection. Those of you in long-term relationships will be able to connect deeper to an existing partner by doing this soul journey.

GEMINI: The last year has been filled with some very powerful life events. In those events have you lost a sense of what makes you happy while making sure everyone else's needs are met? This year it may be time for you to start doing the things that make you happy. Really, it may be just finding a sense of balance. Work, Career and money matters are going to improve. You can expect to see more disposable income this year. Getting out of any unnecessary debt if possible is the best solution. If need be, you may want to make sure any investments are secure or solid. Personally, a family member or someone close to you will be going through a serious health crisis. This will be stressful to say the least. It's not an imposition for you to lean on your support system. You don't have to be so strong all the time. Let others in. If you're considering any financial ventures or new business avenues, make sure to get everything in writing. Hand shake deals will be very costly to you.

CANCER: 2019 has now arrived and it is certainly time to re-evaluate the areas of your life that need to be shifted. Some of you started a process in 2018 that is now about to show the benefit. Most of you will see this shift in your finances. You now have a chance to get on a path that supports your long-term financial goals. Use caution when necessary so that you maintain the upper hand in any and all negotiations. Personally, those of you who continue to go back and repeat old patterns need to do some serious reassessment of why you are sabotaging your happiness. It's time to let go of the past with any and all that it represents. Stop using it as excuses! This pattern has become habit. They both must be broken for you to succeed. This year can be a complete rebirthing process. Embrace it and be happy. Long -term relationships could be challenged this year due to schedule conflicts and family drama. Stick together be a team and nothing can come between you and a partner. Singles that continue to have little or no results must look at the energy that you are projecting, to understand that once you change those you attract into your life will be inclined to stay.

LEO: 2019 can be a year of results. 2018 wasn't all bad stressful for sure. Some wonderful events occurred last year. Unfortunately, some may have had to make some personal changes that were very difficult. The result is those situations or people who were toxic or even dangerous to your happiness and wellbeing needed to go! Now, let's focus on how to achieve positive results in all areas of your life so that 2019 starts off with the ability. Financial security is a major factor this year. It may not be necessary to change careers or jobs but getting out from underneath unwanted debt is imperative. This year will be filled with a series of positive personal or family events including new beginnings, marriage, babies, and blessings. One of the things that you want to avoid is being subject to overreacting or making any impulsive decisions that could negatively impact your household. Health is another area you want to get a handle on. Life style and other poor dietary habit changes will make a tremendous different in controlling any health matters.

VIRGO: Now that 2018 is officially in the record books... Wow! what a year! Some conquest & some defeat. The biggest awareness is one of how strong you really are. 207 started a path of understanding & boundaries. 2018 gave you an opportunity to implement them. Now coming into 2109, RESULTS! Most of you should have shifted all negative and toxic people out of your life. Those of you who have yet to completely close those doors could be in for a rough ride. Professionally, the coming year brings new avenues to pursue, which bring long-term financial results, but also security. Go slowly and make sure that any promises made by potential opportunities can be supported. Emotionally, this last year was one of self-awareness. Understanding what has been holding you back from being happier in general was a Huge wake up call! Now implementing what you have learned about yourself is the key to giving and learning how to receive love. Letting your guard down and allowing others to get close to you, is longer putting you in uncomfortable situations. Singles that are ready for relationships need to just make yourself emotionally available. Those of you in committed relationships could be looking at taking the next step. This is your year Virgos make the most of it!!

LIBRA: Now that we have moved into a new year, it's time to make some serious changes. Have you gotten off path some how? Some of you have yet to make some serious changes in the way you deal with others need to do so immediately. Growth sometimes comes with some harsh reality. Now that you no longer have those rose-colored glasses. Those of you who did not make job or career changes in 2018, will have a brief time in early 2019 to do so. Go for it! Your next doorway of opportunity will not come forward until mid 2020. Relationships may have to be put on the back burner temporarily. Playmate or Soulmate. Singles are going to get a lot of attention, so be sure that you can trust your instincts. Being co-dependent will be costly this year! Those in long-term relationships that have become stagnant, need to reconnect on a deeper spiritual level with an existing partner or mate. Get back to some fun and basics and you will be pleasantly surprised how things turn out. Your money may alternate good and bad. Mostly good. Your spending habits may need to be reassessed.

SCORPIO: Money in 2019 is to get you on track financial track! The source of your income is solid. It's making sure that you become fully aware of your spending habits. Those of you interested in a job or career move will have multiple opportunities in 2109 to accomplish this goal. Just don't go for short-term fixes. Relationships are a major factor this new year. Let's start with Singles, those of you who are spinning your wheels must decide what it is that you REALLY looking for! If you're ready for that special someone, stop sabotaging the good ones for those who have zero potential. Those of you in long-term relationships are going to give a long hard look at your true happiness. If you have been trying to decide to stay or go, you may have to make a very hard decision. It's time to seriously discuss issues with your partner and do they work or not? The answer is not an easy one. A family health matter could bring some old emotional issues to the surface, it's important to take advantage to work on these emotions and release them once and for all. Finally, if you have been feeling stagnant? This is the year to find that spiritual inspiration that you have been looking for.

SAGITTARIUS: OK, new birth year new calendar year all on deck!! I know that you feel like you are putting all your efforts out there trying to get the results you need to be more financially independent. However, unless you are out there pounding the pavement making things happen; I have news for you- it's not happening. You MUST do this alone right now. No one is going to come along and save your ***! This year you must become stable overall. There will be more than ample opportunities but choosing the right one is the key. Those of you who have been considering a major geographic relocation this is the year, go for it. Singles are in for a few surprises this year. Amazing how people from the past come back. This is not a time to consider going backwards but use this reappearance for COMPLETE closure this time. New love interests are going to appear out of the blue. How exciting!! Those of you in long-term relationships that are solid, are going to see a possibility of Marriage & Babies. No elective medical procedures, unless necessary... Your overall health is good. Just be sure not to ignore any chronic issues.


"Trials are but lessons that you failed to learn presented once again, so where you made a faulty choice before you can now make a better one, and thus escape all pain that what YOU CHOSE before has brought to you".

A Course in Miracles