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November Horoscopes

CAPRICORN: When trying to sort out your feelings? It is going to be very difficult to maintain a consistent attitude. The last few weeks have had a major impact on the way you are acting or reacting to those around you. Do not let your stress and circumstances that you are unable to control create distance between you and those that are supportive. Instead you may need to re-evaluate where to define boundaries with those individuals that are clearly taking advantage of you. The only way to gain the upper hand is to lead by example. This month is also an opportune time for you to implement something enjoyable as a stress management outlet. You may also need to find a way to balance your personal time. It appears that you are going to be inundated with family responsibilities that you will be unable to get out of. 

AQUARIUS: You can't get upset that no one is offering to assist you with the many demand placed upon you right now if you don't ask or even delegate some of those responsibilities. Most of the time you are not so hyper sensitive but this month the slightest challenge could turn into a major issue. Before you say something or do anything you know that you will regret. Take time to get your emotions under control. This will aid in you being able to make your point without causing any hurt feelings. This month is the perfect time to create balance in your life and your choices you make. You can't continue to spread yourself so thin that you resent all the demands on your time. I realize that you do not want to disappoint anyone. However, you mental and emotional well being is way more important.

***Mercury has just turned Retrograde on October 31st***

PISCES: While trying to make the right decisions when it comes to your professional opportunities make sure that you have all the facts. Get any promises in writing if possible. It is highly likely this month you could repeat old patterns. Trusting the wrong people or only getting part of the facts can adversely impact any financial decisions you make now. Add that to an already stressful month for finances in general you could set your self up for repeating a lesson that should have already been learned. The only reason the Universe causes us to go back and repeat lessons, is so we can overcome the lesson once and for all. So, pass the test. The month also can give you a boost in you personal successes. Stay on track with any personal goals that you have already implemented. Just because everyone else is going off the rails doesn't mean you have to follow.

ARIES: Mastering the way we react to situations is not easy. You could stay in a constant state of stress and drama if you choose. If you find yourself in the middle of situations that you can not control? Why allow your emotions to get the best of you? Sometimes we find ourselves impacted by those close to us. We can be supportive, but can we really do anything about it? No, of course not. This month you may have to let everyone fend for themselves. Be a good listener not a fixer. You will be much happier as a result. Focus on the areas of your life that you desire to manifest and put all of your energy and efforts in creating results. You will see that even if results are slow in coming? The foundation being laid will bring bigger results soon. Hang in there.

TAURUS: Priorities, you are in store for a very busy month ahead. This can also bring multiple opportunities to the fore front. It is imperative to stay grounded and not allow your results to hinge on others. Especially if unfamiliar with those you are going to be dealing with. Words only go so far. The truth is in the actions and details. This will give you the ability to know how to proceed. It is also important not to give to much energy to those who you know have no ability to provide what they promise. Financially this month could be filled with some unexpected expenses. Stick to budgets if at all possible. A conflict with a family member could arise as a result of miscommunication. It will be resolved however; you will feel that you are under scrutiny or even being judged by someone of importance.

GEMINI: In some cases its best to pick and choose your battles instead of trying to prove a point. While your ruling Mercury is in Retrograde you do not have the upper hand in any heated debates. The way to get someone to hear what you have to say is to present facts and or stats. Your personal happiness is more important than being right. You are also going to be given the opportunity to meet some new like minded people that will make you feel validated and appreciated. If you haven't been able to get back on the health wagon this month you will be more motivated to get there. If you have any health check ups coming up you might not like what you hear, but that is the motivating factor you need. A short trip is on the horizon take the time to enjoy yourself before you buckle down for a busy holiday schedule.

***Mercury will go direct on November 20th***

CANCER: Personal matters will absorb a lot of you time this month. Someone close to you will need extra attention. This of course falls on you. It will be some what stressful but not a problem. You will also feel that professional there is a lot of pressure on you to perform. Mentally this month some old emotional baggage could surface for you to be able to release it once and for all. You never know what triggers the Universe will use in order to get you to work on yourself. The key is not to go back into unhealthy patterns or addictive behaviors to deal with these emotions. Seek professional assistance if necessary. If you are able to get through these deep suppressed emotions you can release them once and for all. You have the ability to do so. You just have to take the time to work through it.

LEO: When is the right time to approach someone with a very delicate matter? The answer is: there is really no appropriate time. This month you could be the bad guy no matter how diplomatic you try to be. Sometimes it is best to try to get to the root of any problem as quickly as you can. If you come from a place of love you are more likely to avoid a heated debate. It won't be easy but it must be done. A busy month is also in store both personally and professionally. You will be pulled in so many different directions that you will find little time for yourself. You will need to make time to rest and relax. This month if you don't take some down time you could possible see a flare up of a chronic health matter. This is also not the month to go over budget on anything. Wait to make any major purchases after Mercury goes direct later this month if possible.

VIRGO: This month you could find yourself dealing with multiple emotion situations all at once. Unfortunately, most of them are layered with disappointment. Some may experience disappointments with family or a particular family member. Some of you may have to come to terms that a relationship that you were hoping would work out is a no go. No matter what emotional disappointment you encounter this month, keep in mind the Universe is helping you to see the truth in situations in order for better relationships to come in and for improvement communication with family and others close to you. It is also very important to look for the positive outcomes in all of these situations. Utilize all of your tools in order to not allow the emotions to take control of your day to day responses to others and work related stressors. You will be pleased once you see the results.

LIBRA: Even if you try to make everyone happy you know that you can not. Trying to please everyone is taking its toll and you are risking you own peace and happiness as a result. You can only do your best in every situation. You also need to know when to leave well enough alone. This month you will be more conflicted than ever as to whom you can trust. You may even have to protect yourself and your deepest secrets due to some unexpected jealousy from those you chose to confided in. This is a huge wake up call. It also may be time to realign some of your friendships. You do not have to end any relationships but you need to be more certain who has your back before you open your heart. A financial decision that has to be made quickly will end up working out better than you anticipate. It will require an out of pocket expense that you had not budgeted for.

SCORPIO: The month ahead could find you in the spot light. However, you may feel very uncomfortable with all of the attention that you will be getting. Some of you will be seeing some over due recognition. Some of you will finally see a relationship developing that you hoped would. This can be person or professional relationship that has a very positive impact. The challenge is that you will also feel the pressure to perform more so than you already due. Financially, you will feel the stress this month especially on a personal level. It appears that every time you turn around another expense comes up out of no where. Your overall financial picture is fine. You may need to do some serious accounting to get ride of any unnecessary expenses that are due for an overhaul. Health matters that flare up are directly as a result of you not taking some down time. Make sure to take some time relax and recharge your batteries.

SAGITTARIUS: If you are stressed out about work, business or finances? The Universe could be getting you to pay attention to unsolicited opportunities that ywould possibly never consider. It may have nothing to do with money matters. If you are overly comfortable you will never consider anything that comes up unexpectedly. Definitely consider any options that come your way. Personally, this month you are going to have to deal with a relationship issue that has run its course. It is time to finally break free from any oppressive relationships that are making you more miserable than happy. In friendships, you must be able to see that you have outgrown them. Choosing to move forward you leave room open to meet new people that will ultimately be on your level. This shift of energy should be complete by your new birth year if possible.



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