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May Horoscopes

CAPRICORN: In some cases, it's just not worth getting involved in a situation that is a no-win outcome. It can be tempting to want to give your opinion; however, if you choose to get in the middle of a confrontation between members of the family... DON'T!! You'll be the bad guy instead. Be the supportive listener. Communications in all areas of your life appear to be strained. This is especially true in your area of employment, as well. This is also not the time to challenge any authority figures that could over react to your criticisms. The theme for this month is stay under the radar and out of the line of fire. You can also expect to be very busy with social/family events. Just make the best of all situations. You will be able to take time next month for some fun. A short trip or mini vacations will be exactly what you need to re-charge your batteries.

AQUARIUS: It appears that some of the emotions that you have been dealing with will come to a head this month. Sometimes things must come up once and for all, for us to be able to heal. If you find yourselves in an emotional storm, it's best to just take time to work through whatever has surfaced. As mentioned last month, don't rush to act or judge situations on these emotions. One the other side of the current situation you will be much stronger and wiser as a result. Your health is one of the things you want to prioritize this month. Implementing healthier habits will make a huge impact on how you cope mentally and emotionally. Good news concerning a money matter is a surprise. For some of you this could be a raise/job offer or promotion.

PISCES: Toxic is toxic, no matter how you try to justify it. If you're feeling toxic, it's imperative to make changes to eliminate the behavior associated to this toxicity. If it's a person or place, it's in your best interest to decide the best possible solution for you to get away from the source. It may take a well-organized exit strategy in order to achieve a positive outcome with little or minimal sacrifices. Change is not always easy, but you cannot continue without consequences taking its toll in the long run. This month an unexpected health crisis could arise for someone close to you. You may have to make yourself available to this person or even take a trip to be close to this individual. Money matters are slowly improving but you will have to give new endeavors more time to show a profit.

AIRES: Happiness starts with you. If you are looking out side of yourself for said happiness you are looking in the wrong place. Allowing others in your life to dictate your well being is only going to make you more depressed. Until you're feeling more secure about yourself and your relationships with others, you will continue be alone no matter whom you choose to be with. Health matters this month seem to also be exasperating so get more than one opinion if necessary. A rest might be exactly what is needed. A close family member going through a difficult time will also be a source of stress this month. It appears that they are going through a very difficult time. This person may need to make some major life decisions one being a move. In the end it will be the right situation for them and their financial dilemma. You're not able to support them.

TAURUS: Now that you're moving to a new birth cycle, you may want to give some serious consideration on the areas of your life that require a dramatic make over. I'm not talking about diet and exercise. I'm talking about mentally. It is now time to decide to let all the unnecessary thoughts relating to the past go. Moving forward, you can now apply a more positive energy towards the areas of your life you would like to see manifest. A well thought out plan of action, and patience will allow you to obtain the results you desire. Going it alone is not the answer either; however, surrounding yourself with a positive support system is going to make the difference. A family matter that comes up this month will require you to mastering your temper to say the least. Unless, you're prepared for a long drawn out battle? Don't go there...

GEMINI: A new opportunity coming your way may not as good as it sounds. Before you jump on any band wagons get all the facts. Don't be surprised if decide to pass all together. Financially, you will feel obligated to help a friend or family member but remember if this person is having financial difficulty you may not see a return on your investment. Personally, if you have been struggling with how to deal with a relationship issue the best way to get to the bottom of the situation, is just to clear the air as quickly as possible. Harboring deep seated resentment could lead to a completely unnecessary blow up. Compose your thoughts sit down and give your partner the chance to reassure you. You might be pleasantly surprised how things turn out.

CANCER: When you get a chance to get involved in something new? You should at least give some credence to the endeavor. I am not saying it is exactly what you want or need but how are you going to know if you don't try? An unexpected source of income may be the result. If you have been considering a move or job change. Be open to unsolicited opportunities. A family member or child going through a rough time right now may require legal advice or advice from professional third party. Financially, you may need to start looking at how to best invest your resources in order to feel confident in your long-term financial security. Get multiple proposals before you decide where to place your hard earn resources.

LEO: Work associates that are not as productive as you, are will do nothing to lift a finger. You know what they say "If you want something done right? Do it yourself". It will save you a huge hassle. The trick is not letting anyone see that you are irritated. Don't worry this tension will ease off over the next week or so. A financial decision that you need to make now will end up saving you a lot of money later. A sibling or child that is going through a difficult time will need a lot emotional support from you. You will be able to navigate the situation to a successful outcome. This month it is also important to stay up on top of your health. If you spread yourself too thin, you could have a flare up of a chronic issue. Medical tests or procedures may be required. Don't worry, all will end well.

VIRGO: Emotionally, you could be shifting old energy to allow new opportunities to come into your life. Some of you will be laying down new work or business foundations that will pay off in a big way. Results may not be immediate, but later this year all the sacrifices will have been worth it. Finances are about to become a little less stressful as you see more resources coming through existing sources. Family matters are going to need a very diplomatic approach. Your Virgo nature is to try to play peacemaker. This will not be the case with a certain individual. Lay low and choose not to do the talking for anyone who is feeling slighted. They may have to be humbled before they see the light. In the next month or so you could see some major life shifts that are a welcome change for your happiness.

LIBRA: Be cautious not to over step your boundaries when it comes to a personal matter. You must be clear with your intent. If you want a happy outcome you must not get involved. You can give opinion. Base all opinion on facts. You also need to pay attention to a legal financial matter. This may come out of the blue. You have the upper hand, but I cannot say that it would be costly. If you're already involved in a legal matter expect additional delays. This also not a good time to make any major life moves. That includes job or residential areas of your life. If you are board and looking for change? Look at how to enhance your personal growth. Classes or new adventures to occupy your mind is the best answer for now. A short trip for fun or pleasure is also on the horizon. Go for it!

SCORPIO: This month you're going to be pulled in multiple directions. Financially, an unexpected expense could be jarring if not depressing to say the least. It appears to be something old or from the past. It will get resolved. There may be some negotiations to achieve a result that is amicable for all parties. Emotionally, you will be seeing some old emotional baggage come to the surface once and for all for you to deal with. Before you decide to be the victim? You may need to assess your responsibility for why the situation has gotten out of hand. A family member is going to require some assistance as well. You will want to make yourself available. It's also important for you to pay attention while driving. Tickets and other drivers are likely the culprits.

SAGITTARIUS: It is important not to allow your emotions to provoke you into making decisions this month. While opportunities are now in front of you it is also time to give things a chance to prove their value. If you're too quick to jump to conclusions, you could be seen in a negative light by your peers. It's nice to see money starting to come through the door. Just don't sabotage the source. Next month you're mentally clearer. Remember, timing is everything. While considering any alternative avenues? Make sure that you are not being taken advantage of. A chronic health matter needs to be addressed. New insight might give you an alternative to keep things under control. Don't be surprised if life style changes are necessary. This is also not the time to have any none recommended medical or elective procedures. Wait until the fall if possible.


"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be."