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March Horoscopes

CAPRICORN: The month ahead can be used as an opportunity to get back on track. If you have yet to get on a healthier life style track, now is the time to implement that program. Not only will you feel much better, it will improve your overall physical well being. Finances this month are going to be up and down. There may not be any avenues to make more money at this time, but you will see your resources freed up and be more liquid. A challenge with a family member isn't going to be resolved by ignoring it. You may need to re-group your thoughts in order to decide how to approach the situation without adding to the hurt feels. Your health over the last few months has been out of balance. Consider seeking out a new medical professional a second opinion can't hurt.

AQUARIUS: Emotionally, you could be exhausted trying to put on a front that everything is ok. For the most part there is nothing wrong or going on that you must go out of your way to pretend. Just be honest with the source of your frustration. Clear lines of communication will create an advantageous outcome. Career and business decisions are coming in your direction. This is not necessarily the time to make a change, but the Universe is trying to set up open doors so that the decisions you make later this year have long-term career and financial success. Relationships on all levels appear to be in a flux or change, as well. Do not hesitate to eliminate any toxic people that you have obviously outgrown but feel some sense of loyalty to them. The truth is you probably feel sorry for them... Still not a reason to keep them around.

PISCES: Now that we have moved into your new birth cycle. You have the time to re-evaluate the areas of your life that no longer serve your growth. Bad habits you have been wanting to break top the list. If you have already started major changes then be cautious not to back slide. Especially, since Mercury will be in Retrograde the entire month of March. Finances are and will always be a source of stress; however, creating a healthier relationship with money will make a big difference in your long-term financial security. Those of you seeking a new outlet for employment or business will have opportunities soon. It's important not to waste time and energy on those who have a habit of making false promises. Promoting yourself will create the best results for the outcomes you are seeking, so put as much efforts out there as possible right now.

***Mercury Retrograde Beings On March 5th***

ARIES: Chronic health matters could resurface this month only for you to implement changes that will have a positive impact on how you feel on a day to day basis. An old financial matter from the past is coming up for you to resolve once and for all. It may be legal in nature. Get third party assistance as needed. Also, an unexpected trip for a family health matter could be on the horizon. Be prepared to move quickly if necessary. Some of you may be considering a career change need to be able to investigate additional education to support your new direction. If you're just looking for a promotion in your existing work environment, sign up for a leadership programs being offered by your current employer.

TAURUS: Feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the responsibilities on your plate? Pace yourself and make sure to delegate as necessary. You could be pleasantly surprised about a benefactor coming to the rescue at the 11th hour. Keep in mind that any delays now could actually buy you time needed in order to prefect your skills. Personally, you may feel out of control. Family, friends and other relationships are going to need to be re-aligned. Some of those close to you will not accept what you have to offer, especially advice that isn't what they want to hear or are willing accept. Pick and choose your battles right now. You do not want to cause any permanent riffs. Money matters are about to come together, and you will see new opportunities to make more soon. This isn't the best time to make any job or residential moves; however, you have to be very aware of anything you sign.

GEMINI: You and someone close to you may need to investigate a financial plan that suits your long-range money goals. Both of you must be on the same page for things to work. If this is a business relationship, get all agreements in writing. Your ruling planet Mercury will be in retrograde from March 5th until March 28th. Personally, you could be burning the candle at both ends trying to get to many things accomplished and it will take its toll. You can not afford any unnecessary health issues that could have been avoided. A short trip for business may also give you the ability to mix business with pleasure. When dealing with a younger family member (possibly a child/adult child) you may only offer advice; however, life lessons are learned by mistakes...

CANCER: Some opportunities are not as they appear. Get all the facts and if necessary, get all the details in writing before you choose to jump on board. Friendships may have to be put on the back burner for now. It's also important to consider some new like-minded circles of friends and interests. Your health needs repair. Life style changes may be the answer, but a vacation or rest will do you wonders. This is not the time to consider any major investments. Wait a few months. There could be another alternative that will be a much better investment for your resources. A legal matter may also need your attention. You may have to enlist a professional to see you through any challenges. Pay attention to driving and other drivers this month while Mercury is in retrograde.

LEO: This month work and your associates are going to be under mounting pressure. You cannot act or re-act to others in your environment and their stress. Just make sure to dot your "I's" and cross your "T's". The more thorough you can be, the less you are looking at re-do's. In saying that your mind is really going to be more focused on your family and personal matters. This will take you to your happy place. Enjoy those close to you and rejoice in the positive happenings in your personal life. Finances could be tight this month. Try to stick with your monthly budget as much as possible. You should be seeing a merit raise or small bonus. Save it so you can have a little cushion.

VIRGO: You could be doing a lot of thinking about your future and your direction. You don't need to make dramatic changes, but you may want to start putting into play some long-range plans that you will be able to implement. Some of you looking for a new career or source of income may not find it right away, but a reinstated enthusiasm in your current endeavors will suffice. Money is starting to free up, but you will still need to be resourceful. The last few months could have tapped your accounts but that is only temporary. Take care of health matters that surface. You could consult a new medical professional with key insight to an old problem. While your ruler Mercury is in retrograde this month, just stay under the radar in order to avoid any conflicts with key individuals in your life.

LIBRA: Money matters that have been up and down are about ready to shift. You will still have to focus on your budget and a secure position within your employment if you haven't already. It appears that you have been very distracted. Now is time to get back on track. You want to make sure that you are maximizing your abilities. Don't phone it in. Unfortunately, you can only rely on yourself right now. That actually is going to get you the results you want. Do take advantage of a friend or ally that is willing to go the distance for you. An older family member may experience a health issue that will be cause for concern. All this energy will feel a bit overwhelming so stick to your healthy life style habits. This will help you avoid anxiety and depression. Hang in there, the month overall is going to be one of tangible results.

SCORPIO: Has your stubbornness blinded you from doing the right thing? Sometimes you must put attitudes on the back burner in order to see the situation as it is, not as you perceive it to be. Financially, you want to do some serious rethinking about what spending is necessary and what is not. Your overall financial picture is fine. Once you see where the waste is you will be able to recover quickly. Those of you who need a career or position change could have a few opportunities to consider in the next few months. It's important not to get locked into a cluster. A short trip coming up that is supposed to be for a getaway may be a test of endurance. Keep attitudes in check and be careful not to say anything that you could regret. You will see as we move close to Aries later in the month, you're in a much better place mentally and physically.

SAGITTARIUS: We know that Sag's have wanderlust. While Mercury is in retrograde this month, your judgment may not be what is in your best interest. Be cautious to make good decisions and not choices out of emotion. If you have been feeling that all your efforts are delayed or suppressed or in vain? Timing is everything. The outcomes you desire are going to be achieved but not necessariliar through the sources that you think. Unless you have seen results from these sources. Don't limit yourself. Also make sure to get everything in writing as well. Your health needs repair but mostly mental rest. If you can take a short trip it will clear your head.


***Mercury will go Direct on March 28th***





Seek always for the answer within.
Be not influenced by those around you,
By their thoughts or their words.



Eileen Caddy
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