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WELCOME 2017 - Year of the Red Fire Rooster




The Chinese New Year 2017 is the Year of the Red Fire Rooster. It starts from January 28th 2017 and extends up to February 15th 2018. This is the year when you will need to work hard and be patient in order to achieve your goals.

Another aspect of this is lunar New Year 2017 is whether it is a Yin year or a Yang year. This Year of the Rooster is ruled by the fire element and it is a Yin year. This is the time to be spent in solitude and harmony with friends and family.

The lunar New Year 2017 has its own lucky colors. If you use these auspicious colors in your daily life everything that you take interest in will turn out the way you want it to. In other words, it is like a good luck charm blessing you with abundance and prosperity.

As the element for the Chinese year 2017 is RED, do not use red in your clothes and accessories. Red colored stones like ruby, garnet and pink topaz too are better avoided. Instead, use colors that will complement the red and fire element. Earth colored items like brown or yellow are most suitable for all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs in 2017.

According to Chinese astrology, the Rooster years are known to be filled with integrity and efficiency. Hard work is the key to achieving success in this Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year 2017 predictions suggest that this year can beneficial in your career and financial investments. But time your business ventures well if you want to take advantage of the most profitable periods. Also try alternative healing therapies to keep stress at bay so that you can use your potential to the maximum.

The 2017 Chinese horoscope also predicts that this is a good year for singles to get married. This Chinese zodiac rooster year 2017 is auspicious for marriage and relationships. If you are married you can plan for a pregnancy. Professional relationships too will turn out to be fruitful. Do not complicate things by over thinking and analyzing too much. And do not indulge in risky and shady dealings as they might seem tempting and profitable.

The next question that is on everyone's mind is whether the 2017 Year of the Rooster will be lucky for me or not? Chinese astrology 2017 forecasts predict that this will turn out to be an excellent year for the Dragons. The Snake, Ox and Rooster will have a great year. The Rats and Tigers too will have a good year. The Sheep, Pigs and Monkeys will have a mix of good and bad happenings while the Rabbits, Horses and Dogs might face a few problems. But as long as you have the will power and focus to overcome all challenges, nothing can stop you from reaching your targets!

Now let's take a look at the Feng Shui forecasts for 2017. Here are a few Feng Shui tips to make your year go smoothly. Purple and lavender colors will be lucky. Keep a positive frame of mind. Meditation will help you be calm and serene. Amethyst and topaz will bring you luck and success.

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October Horoscopes
CAPRICORN: A work environment becomes more tolerant as you notice tensions are about to ease up. You still to need watch your back. A certain person's jealousy can make you feel like your work efforts are in vain. However, in a few months that same person may not be in your day to day space. Just do your thing. You have the support of those who count. Personally, a financially challenging month is in store. Every time you turn around another expense comes up. You will be able to be resourceful with the funds needed to take care of any large expenses. You're overall financial picture is good. Relationships that have been strained over the last few months are going to improve also. It's amazing that all you had to do is apply a little more patience to those close to you.
AQUARIUS: Not the month to act impulsively. Make sure to get all the facts before you make any major decisions this month. Not all the information would be readily available. Financial stress is temporary. Don't worry. You must make sure to leave yourself enough time to get important work or business project complete. If you rush or spread yourself too thin, major mistakes are likely. Romantic relationships are improving. Communication is going to be the key to avoid any misunderstandings. Be clear with your intent when trying to convince a partner or mate of your side of the story. Tempers could flare. Use this as an opportunity to clear the air. A short trip this month could be hampered by family drama. Just steer clear of being put right in the middle of any arguments.
PISCES: Some spiritual house cleaning will completely change any stagnate energy in your space. When clearing out your space don't forget to disconnect from any toxic people in your life also. Unfortunately, this could be lovers, family, and friends. Once you close the door it is important not to re-open it. Finances over the last few months may have been up and down. Now you are going to be able to build a foundation that will create a long term sense of security. Just keep building your temple. Your hard work is about to pay off in a big way. Pay attention to an ongoing chronic medical matter that your body may telling you to take some time to rest to get back on track.
ARIES: If you're still spinning your wheels it's time to sit back and re-evaluate your motives to all situations. Sometimes we must let go and move forward for the right opportunities to present themselves. If something is meant to be it will come to you. If you have to force it? Then you know it's not. Financially, this is not the best time to make any major purchases or investments. In fact you may want to wait until early 2018 for those types of considerations. Singles could see someone from your past return this month. Unless this person has made some miraculous changes in their life? Leave that door closed.
TAURUS: Worrying about those situations that you have no control over is just wasted energy. Getting caught up in other people's drama also a waste of time. Before you decide to come to someone else's rescue? Make sure you have ALL the facts. You should take the time to focus on productive areas of your life. Some of you have been dealing with old habits and patterns that are now time to release once and for all. If you apply healthier life style changes these changes can be permanent. If you are dealing with old psychological issues you could benefit by reaching out to a professional to help your healing process. Financial growth opportunities that present themselves later in the month should be given some serious consideration. Some this could be the job opportunity you have been waiting for.
GEMINI: Boredom can be a creating some mental negativity that you don't even realize. It's time to switch things up. Work, home, and family are all fine. What do you need to stimulate you mentally to change your outlook and give you that new found sense of purpose? You just need to found the right outlet to support your needs. A financial matter needs to be addressed this could be anything from an old bill, old debt or something relating to the past. You will come out victorious; however, there is some paperwork drama in getting the matter resolved. If you are involved in any type of major purchase or investment at this time? Delays will work to your advantage.
CANCER: Are you choosing to see things clearly or are you choosing to stick your head in the sand? If the Universe is trying to get you to move forward in your life and make positive changes then you must be willing to look at all perspectives. Dwelling on the past serves no purpose. It's only to serve as growth and life lessons. Letting go will improve you attitude towards everything in your life. Your career, your future, your relationships, both personal and professional. It is time to manifest your desire outcomes. So, Live life Crabs and let go. You have only a new outlook and beautiful new beginnings to look forward to.
LEO: Before you say or do something you regret. Take time to compose your words. In the end you may choose not to say anything. This actually is the best approach to any challenges you are confronted with this month. I still want you Lions to stay on top of your health this month and finances. You are definitely going to feel the crunch in your pocket book. I don't see major expenses, but you are tight on cash for sure. A health matter may require you getting a new opinion from a different source that could make all the difference in you managing any chronic condition. Added work responsibilities are due to others not pulling their weight. Superiors are noticing who is not doing what they are supposed to be doing. Sit back and ride it out. Changes are on their way.
VIRGO: Busy, Busy, just be cautious not to spread yourself too thin. You are going to be pulled in multiple directions. We know that a Virgo can do anything he or she sets their minds to. Applying the energy necessary is not the problem. Don't be surprised that all your overachievements can leave the door open for some jealousy. Consider the source and don't react or overreact. New financial opportunities are going to come together later in the month. Be open but not gullible. Finances may be up and down, very shortly they will improve considerably. Singles may meet someone when you least expect it. Pay attention to the signs.
LIBRA: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! New birth year! New Attitude. The next few months are going to be eye opening to say the least. Keep in mind the new foundations you create over the next few months have a major impact on the next year. Take the time to lay the ground work properly. This month don't allow yourself to get caught off guard by the drama of others. Personally, professionally, and emotionally make sure to say detached. You could be sucked into issues that have nothing to do with you. An unsolicited job offer is not all it presents to be. You may be better off to stay put. A family health matter could catch everyone off guard.  Make yourself available to help out. If you have been overspending lately to soothe your emotions? Stop and get back on budget. A major purchase, car or home is in the near future. Save your money.
SCORPIO: Accepting change is not always easy. If you need to take a step back do so. Are you doing everything you possibly can to get out of a slump? Sitting and overthinking the situation to death is not going to change anything. Get back on track by finding a positive outlet for your emotions. Short on time? Re-vamping your schedule to take some mental down time. This will be better than a vacation right now. Those of you in serious relationships need to give your partner or mate some quality time and attention. If you have been insensitive to their needs, be prepared to hear about. This month it's important stay on top of health matters and or check ups. Your stress could cause a chronic matter to flare up.
SAGITTARIUS: A powerful month full of energy to accomplish all your goals. Take full advantage in order to manifest the outcomes you desire. Personally, professionally, and personally you have the power. If you have been holding off implementing new plans? Now you can get back on track. Finances may be tricky but if you are resourceful you have more than enough to get by. Be cautious of any "get rich quick schemes". Hard work will be the payoff in the end. Socially you are on fire this month. Accept invitations, get out and have some fun. A short trip on the horizon could help to repair an old relationship with a friend or family member that had be strain.
Helps you to grow and expand;
Gratitude bring joy
And laughter into your lives
And into the lives of all those around you.
Eileen Daddy, The Dawn of Change