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August Horoscopes
CAPRICORN: In some cases, not saying what is really on your mind can keep the peace; but. all that build up can manifest in other ways. If you're not comfortable expressing your true feelings or position on a certain subject matter, so be it. Then you also must let it go entirely. There is no sense in making yourself crazy replaying it over in your mind if you choose not to go there. Personally, this month you should consider redefining boundaries with multiple people in your life. Some of these individuals may overlap into your professional areas as well. This will ensure you get the respect that you're looking for. You will be glad you did when you see the results!
AQUARIUS: Have you decided to take on more than you can handle? It's time to really 
re-evaluate which responsibilities you can delegate to others that you trust. Unfortunately, you may have to trust those who have not been reliable in the past. Sometimes, people can surprise you! Your month ahead is an opportunity for you to learn what you're capable of on a deeper spiritual level. Take some down time to work on emotions as they come to the surface. Circumstances that trigger you can be an opportunity to recognize those triggers and get them resolved once and for all. Your feelings being out of control can be responsible for impulsive unhealthy behaviors. This will not get anything positive accomplished. Slow down and think things through in order to cover all the bases. Everything works out the way that is supposed to!

PISCES: Why allow other people to control your daily happiness? Have you been fixated on the wrong things lately? While trying to manifest positive things into your life, you must maintain a positive consistent attitude. If you're trying to get ahead in any area of your life- Love, Money, Health, it's completely unhealthy to compare others' successes to yourself and where you are in your journey. Let the Universe deal with those who have hindered or hurt you. Be in control of your thoughts and emotions. Not only will you move into a much happier mind space you will not give all your power to negativity. Always rejoice in the blessing that you do have. You are going to see some wonderful things coming into play over the next few months. So, maybe implement a daily meditation so you can stay grounded.

ARIES: Your current frustrations are a sign that something needs to shift in your life. If you have been going out of your way for certain people, it appears that they have now come to expect this behavior of you. You also must be accountable for your part in the situation. In most cases, people who have their hand out are less likely to reciprocate. This enlightenment can be useful for you to decide from this point forward not to over give until someone has earned your kindness. The other area that is going to be a big issue this month is seeing the truth in your relationships. If someone close to you is acting out of character, then you may just want to inquire if they're going through a difficult time? The way they are acting may not anything to do with you. Over reacting will only cause a huge blow up. Don't assume you are the source of the problem!

TAURUS: Sometimes it's best not to act or re-act until you know the entire story. Look for answers. This month you want to check yourself before you fire off that scathing email or text- be sure you have ALL the facts first! You also do not want to come at the situation as a victim. This will take away any respect that you're looking for by defending your position. Has this person really disrespected you? Are you more upset that just because you choose to not want to acknowledge how we got here? Those who are not willing to extend themselves are still emotionally dealing with their own hurt feelings. In time you will have an opportunity to explain your position. It's also important to be able to listen to the other persons feelings. This compassion will hold more weight than any apology. It appears that the Universe is trying to get you to clear baggage. Facing old problems and handling them differently moving forward takes a lot of courage and work. You got this!

GEMINI: Grief comes in many forms. Sometimes, we grieve lost opportunities, traumas, etc. In some cases, we can even subconsciously pre-grieve a situation before it occurs. Of course, there is the obvious grief of the loss of a person or pet. The month ahead may be a very emotional one. No matter how this sense of sadness fits in your current life. Let the emotions flow as they come to the surface. I am not saying to curl up in a ball and hide until September. There is a purpose that the Universe is giving you this time to heal; and, deal once and for all. This will take a lot of courage to face your heartache and let go of the pain and replace it with the positive memories that will be healing and bring peace to your heart. I am not saying to forget and move on! I am saying that it's time for you to start living again and enjoying the blessings that are part of your everyday life!

CANCER: A large part of letting go of the behaviors that we have developed to cope with personal drama, are usually not healthy ones. If you find that you are self-medicating or self-sabotaging? It's time to get rid of all the negativity that is causing the behavior. The first step is to really look at who and what you are angry about- that started the cycle to begin with. If you don't think that you're able to do the work on your own, reach out to resources to help give you the tools to do so. You may not realize it, but those close to you are being impacted by the way you're choosing to deal with all the emotions. They may not be saying anything due to not wanting you to be upset with them. The point is... that if you deal with the depth of your pain, you won't need the other. Now that you have moved into a new birth year you could find it easier than ever to let all of it go once and for all. Remember, the biggest part of our growth is from pain. You don't have to continue to carry it with you, unless you choose to!

LEO: The month ahead could find that you're being challenged by all those close to you, personally and professionally in your life. I'm sure that your heart is in the right place; but, consider this... if you're giving advice solicited or unsolicited then you must set the example, or all your words are going to fall on deaf ears. Walk the Walk Lions! This will then allow you to gain the confidence of the ones you are trying to influence the most. You also are now moving into a new birth year, so that if you plan on setting goals for yourself make sure that you set ones that you can accomplish. If you set the bar to high, you will only set yourself up to fail. If you have also managed to get away from practices that keep you grounded and stress free you may want to get back there. Even finding a new interest that will give you the same release and outlet will be a useful tool for all that pent-up anxiety.

VIRGO: The last few months you have been on overdrive. Personally or professionally, if you have allowed things to get out of control, it's time to create or get back into some state of balance. You are the only one that can put your boundaries back in place. It's okay to take a day and do "NOTHING"!! Yes, I know I'm a Virgo telling Virgos to give yourself permission without feeling guilty to have a day without a schedule. OMG! You will not melt or turn to stone. Just a shift of that energy will recharge your batteries more than you know. It's also important to allow yourself the opportunity to find a new outlet that stimulates you both mentally and spiritually. The change energetically also makes you more motivated to stay balanced. Your energy levels will be much better as we come into the season of Fall. In the meantime, self-love and self-care will do the trick!

LIBRA: If you can't be honest with yourself, you're never going to find want out is really the cause of your uneasiness. There may be many reasons for you to be putting on this façade that everything is okay. It is for the most part. There may be nothing "really" wrong. You could just be moving through some past experiences or old energy that is making you feel uneasy. If so, address what the source is, if possible- in order to release the energy. You don't have to dummy down or feel guilty about the way you feel either. Those close to you will understand and not ask you to elaborate until you are ready to. While feeling these vibes, it's important to surround yourself with light upbeat people who can lift your spirits. You will not be able to be around those individuals that like to complain and only find the negative in everything. This will blow over the next few weeks. Make sure to stick to your health regimens, as another way to expend energy.

SCORPIO: Are you making a big deal of the imagined? If you are feeling overly sensitive, it's something going on internally not externally. Before you do or say something you will regret, get a handle on your own emotions. Once you can see clearly, you will not feel the need to address any issues. Mentally you may need to find a healthy outlet to break up your routine. Sometimes boredom can be your enemy. It can give you too much time to think and those thoughts which can change your perceptions dramatically. Finding a new passion or passion project to reinstate your enthusiasm will give you something positive to look forward to. Also, this month be aware of the conversations you are relaying to others. If you don't have all the facts, you may want to skip the story. You could end up being the bad guy.

SAGITTARIUS: Thinking and doing are two different things. If it's your nature to not have a game plan; it may be time to start having a few plans that you can implement as needed. If you're someone who is waiting for someone or something to come along and change or fix your current circumstances, you're going to be disappointed. The Universe is trying to give you the opportunity to be involved in creating your own outcomes and realities. It may be hard for you to believe, but you're in total control of your outcomes good or bad. Taking a more active role in manifesting your desires, this will lead to less drama and disappointments when things don't work. Be very cautious, those you're counting on, will fail to provide what is promised. Take your power back and surround yourself with like-minded people who support your new way of thinking!


"The measure of mental health is the disposition to find good everywhere"

Ralph Waldo Emerson