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July Horoscopes
CAPRICORN: Why create unnecessary drama for yourself by acting impulsively? In some situations, it's better to wait it out instead of trying to force an outcome. It is also important not to allow your inner control freak to get you caught up in a mess. Take care of personal matters that demand your attention and action. When it comes to work, business, and money matters the picture of what to do and how to proceed will be much clearer later in the month. You may also need to consider a move, due to an offer. Whether it is a job or residential move, it's worth serious consideration. Think about your long-term goals when considering any options.

AQUARIUS: It's a good idea to finish old projects before you start any new ones. In some cases, you don't always have control of the timing. If you do, in this situation, it's best to do as much as possible. It's also important for you to take care of small details, they are important too. When dealing with any legal matters, get the input from a third party professional if necessary. Are you hoping to enlist the help or support from those close you? You will not get many volunteers. You also need to be sure to manage your stress. You do not need a health flare up while trying to get all of these accomplishments completed. Some family issues could also surface. Diplomacy may not get through to those who like to play the victim. Good old fashion honesty might be the best route to go.

PISCES: You may find an unsolicited job offer in the most unlikely conversations this month. Pay close attention to opportunities that may appear out of nowhere. Don't hesitate to offer your skill sets as a possible candidate. Finances are going to improve; however. in the meantime, be as frugal as possible. Personally, you may be confronted with a difficult situation when it comes to someone close to you. If they are giving you advise or counsel about yourself, know that they are coming from a place of love. You don't have to act on what they are encouraging you to consider. It appears to be very helpful advice. This is not the best time to consider any large expenditure. Later in the year you will be able to treat yourself. There is a short trip that may present itself. Take advantage of an opportunity to clear your head.


ARIES: When assessing the best approach in dealing with a personal matter, be cautious that your personal feelings don't cloud your communications. If you need to clarify your position, use facts to make your point. Your attempt to get through may fall on deaf ears but you will feel much better saying what you need to say. The truth always comes out, so don't be frustrated. Especially if you end up being the bad guy temporarily. When dealing with any business matters, be sure to get everything in writing. This will ensure that there is no problem later on getting what was agreed upon. Unfortunately, you will feel that you're hitting walls in getting anything of great importance accomplished this month. Look it as a blessing in disguise. Everything comes in the right timing. Pay attention to minor health matters so they do not get out of control.

TAURUS: Communication in personal and professional environments could be challenging to say the least. If possible think things through before you fire off any texts or emails. If you thought that it couldn't get any worse? Some deep seated emotional issue that surfaces this month will force you to finally look at what you have chosen to ignore. It's possible to work through these issues with or without the assistance of a professional. Once you clear away the baggage. you will feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Financially. you may have to make some arrangements for extra cash flow this month in order to get out of a sticky legal situation. It will work out, but you will have to act quickly. Health is another matter that requires a change of lifestyle or habits. If you have already implemented a new regime, it's okay that you fall off the wagon. Just get back on as quickly as possible. An older family member may require your assistance. Be careful not to over-react.

GEMINI: If you can't be honest with yourself about your true feelings. it will make it extremely difficult to be honest with those close to you. You can not continue to walk on egg shells. Find a healthy approach to get your point across with those who are upsetting you. Family, children, or even partners are the likely culprits. All those bottled up emotions are going to come out like a ragging volcano soon. You need to start putting yourself and your needs at the top of your priority list. You can still make time for everyone but you can't keep doing it for them. Financial opportunities are going to come to your attention. While your ruling Mercury is in retrograde this month, put off all matters until next month. if you can. If you are unable to do so, just make sure to read all proposals thoroughly before you sign anything. A short trip/vacation could also present enticing opportunities. Keep all your options open.


CANCER: It is time to start putting some long-range plans in action. Now that you are in a new birth year, it is natural to start thinking about what you need or want. This next year is a perfect time to lay down foundations that change the areas of your life that are under-performing. If you have a clear cut plan, you can get results rather quickly. You may have a desire for more financial security, a new career, or even some of you are considering a change of scenery. What ever is on your list, be open to what is presented to you over the next year. Those of you who are interested in new relationship potential will have to make yourself more emotionally available in order to attract what you need and want. Your health is another area that you will want to reassess. If you have been off track, it's time to get back on track and make the necessary adjustments be healthier overall. That includes mental health and wellbeing.

LEO: If you feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to force outcomes right now? Don't let things work out the way that they are suppose to. Work is another story. Conflicts that have been on going are about to heat up. Try as best as possible stay under the radar. It is also important not to chime in on the negative train. Let others complain. You can listen just don't interject any opinions. It will come up later on with your name attached on it. A pet or family member going through a medical matter may require more specialized treatment. If you have been considering a residential change or move? Over the next few months an opportunity will fall into place to encourage you to make a change. Some of you could see a relocation some could have the option to purchase a new home. Go for it. If looking for an investment purchase, make sure that it will be worth the effort.

VIRGO: Wow the last month or so has been hype-drive, now this month you will have some time to get caught up on some of the things you have had to set aside in order to accomplish priorities. You will still be busy, but it is more of a controlled chaos. Finances are going to improve so take the opportunity to put some money away. While your ruling Mercury is in retrograde this month use caution when dealing with others especially connected to your business/work environments. If you find that some are not willing to take advantage of your knowledge, it can be a blessing in disguise. Your social calendar could be on fire also this month. Make yourself available for those interests that support your circle. Emotions coming up this month will give some time to heal old wounds which could surface. Take advantage to release it once for all. Those in committed relationships could be in for some surprises... news of a baby or marriage could be on the horizon.

LIBRA: Boredom can be your enemy this month. Try not to make any major changes while under these aspects. Ride out the desire to change your external conditions. Work opportunities that come up this month will re-assure you of your job security. Those of you looking for a new job or position will see the door open over the next few months. You could find yourself caught in the middle of family drama, if you allow yourself. Stay removed and detached. Just listen. You will have to do some accounting for excess spending. You may be surprised about how much you have been spending. A short trip this month could be exactly what you need to get some downtime. Take advantage of it.

SCORPIO: This month be prepared to be pulled in multiple directions, both personally and professionally. Your will have to make time for all of the demands on you without feeling resentful that you may not have much time for yourself. Family members are the ones making the most demands of you. This could be an opportune time redefine your boundaries with them before arguments can arise. If that isn't enough, the stress of being center stage at work can also take its toll. You will not be able to enlist any assistance from those you were hoping you could count on. Financially it is time for you to re-evaluate your long-term resources and investments. Talk to a financial advisor if necessary. Your health may also be in need for repair. Seeing a specialist might get to the root of the problem. A fresh opinion might resolve the issue.

SAGITTARIUS: If you're in need or are looking for a new source of income. One will be arriving shortly. Be cautious to get all the facts before you agree to anything. Mercury will be in retrograde so double check all your numbers, especially if you are dealing in contracts. If you can roll negotiations into the beginning of August, do so. Personally, you're going to see who in your life you can truly count on and re-evaluate those who you need to cut loose. This does not imply arguments or falling outs. It is seeing, clearly, those you have outgrown but have been refusing to let go of. You must take a more frugal approach the next few months until everything falls into place financially. Save where you can. Some of you may be making a residential move. You will need resources to do so. Those of you already in a place of your own, will have to put some money out this month in a home repair. This not the time to go into debt for anything, if possible. An older family member may need your assistance. It appears to be a demand of your time.



Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and universe is endlessly bountiful.

Just put forth a clear enough request, and every thing your heart desires must come to you.


Shakti Gawain  ~Creative Visualization