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December Horoscopes

CAPRICORN: It's always difficult to express yourself when you have so many pent-up emotions controlling your thoughts. Over the last few years Saturn has been in your ruling house. The good news is, it's getting ready to shift into the sign of Aquarius. This planetary shift has had major impact on most of you. Some, in a very positive way, some of you have had a very challenging time. Saturn only comes into our sun sign once every 25 years. Hopefully, you have been able to work through and clear a lot of negative habits and patterns that have hindered you from your higher purpose. This month it's very important to take care of your health. Mental health is equally as important as your physical well being. I realize it's the Holidays, but you can not go over budget or do anything to excess. The results will not bring you desired outcomes. You are also coming into a new birth years. Set some time aside to think about the coming year. You can have tremendous results if you set your sights on realistic goals that have been waiting for you.

AQUARIUS: It's amazing to be able to recognize your self-worth. It's also an important landmark that you finally feel strong enough that you no longer are controlled by whether or not people like or dislike you. This means everyone in your life. Partners, family, work or business associates. What a relief. You can be yourself and be comfortable with that. Now, the month ahead is hectic to say the least. If you spread yourself to thin, you will definitely, feel it later this month coming into the Holidays. Financially, you may see a small some of money that you hadn't counted on just in time for you to do a little extra for those you love and care for this Holiday season. You also are going to be very grateful for the opportunity to spend some quality down time with a special someone. Singles pay attention to the signs that the Universe is sending... that you're really ready to put yourself out there. You may not meet anyone long-term just yet; however, this next year will be full of surprises.

PISCES: Your mind can be playing tricks on you. Before you act or re-act to any situation that you are currently up against, take some time to mentally review all sides of the challenge you're facing. I am not saying that you won't come to the same conclusion. It's imperative to get your thoughts and words in order before you say anything. If you're trying to get positive results or answers, you will not want to come across like you're a victim. Facts and getting to the point quickly will be the easiest way to achieve what you desire. The month ahead will be filled with a lot of opportunities to mix business with pleasure, so make sure to select important events to attend. Your finances could alternate from good to bad. Be frugal with your holiday budget. Sometimes it truly is the thought not the amount spent. Everyone appreciates homemade goodies. Spend time with loved ones and like minded individuals that boost your energy and your spirits.

ARIES: If you're pushing for results or outcomes that are taking longer than you would hope, these delays are actually to your benefit. This month you can continue to lay down the ground work, but don't forget to take time for some fun and you can use the holiday season to give yourself permission to do so. Finding a balance will keep you mentally grounded. Don't get me wrong. You have a very busy month ahead. You could feel pulled in numerous directions. Only you can set boundaries that work for you. Getting into the Holiday spirit, even if you don't feel up to it, will change your outlook entirely. If you desire to take some time away, you will be able to do so later this month or even earlier next month. If you are unable to get away, you certainly can take some down time to re-charge your batteries. Family and those close to you all seem to be under a significant amount of their own stress. Just don't get suck in to drama that is not yours to deal with. You will end up being the bad guy or gal in the end.

TAURUS: When you stop trying to figure out what motivates people's actions and re-actions, you will be able to focus on what is important. You can't be responsible for the way others choose to act or believe. You can only control the way you respond. This month you are going need to be ready for anything. Even though you have a good grasp on your responsibilities, be prepared for some unexpected last minute challenges. Then just when you think you may get a small break around the Holidays, you will be inundated with Family issues and other drama that maybe unavoidable. Be as diplomatic as possible. You can engage and interact without allowing any situation to turn into an argument or fight. It is difficult around the holidays for some people to control their behavior. To complicate matters, this year, you might not have the money to do what you would like. It isn't about money as much as it is about showing those you care about them and their welfare. Compassion will go a lot further than a meaning less gift. If you feel compelled to get gifts? You can do big things on a shoe string budget. The most important thing to remember is stay true to yourself this month.

GEMINI: The Holidays are a time that we can become melancholy and reflective. In the event that you find that you're battling an emotional storm; it can also be a time to find some mental harmony between the good and the bad. Sometimes, unfortunately we need to have both to grow. You can take advantage of this mindset to close those unhappy chapters once and for all. In order for you to be truly happy and enjoy the current blessings in your life; It is necessary to let go of what is haunting you. When it is all said and done, none of those experiences define the person you are today. Unless? You continue to use it as your story. This month take time to breathe and enjoy the small little things that the Universe shows us everyday what's possible. I am not saying that you are not going to feel the pressure that we all do this time of year, but you can choose how you allow yourself to be a positive influence on your friends and family who are going through just a challenging times. Your experiences may bring peace and comfort to those you encounter, and to you as well.

CANCER: It's impossible to please everyone all of the time. The task is virtually going to set you up to fail. If you know that you have done your best and you are content with all of your efforts. STOP! This people pleaser mentality is not who you are. It's who you have become. Your emotional and mental well being in jeopardy. You have become fragmented. It's time to integrate your energy. Those who love and care for you are going to be supportive of the new way you choose to approach all situations in your life. Professionally and personally, you will find that no one is going to be upset with the new you. This month you are going to feel more festive and inspired by the true spirit of the holidays. Be sure to share that with the one closest to you. Get together with family, friends, and even new aquittances that have crossed your path this year. If you are feeling that special need to give back, you may even want to volunteer your time to those in need.

LEO: Over the last few months being on hyper drive is going to take its toll, if you don't slow down and find some balance. You can only do so much. I realize that sometimes it's just best to do it yourself; however, you are not going to make others accountable if you don't learn to delegate. This applies to your personal and professional lives. If you continue to over do, you will be expected to. This is also a time for you to stop allowing someone close to you to take clear advantage of you. Unfortunately this could even be a family member. Just re-define your boundaries and everyone will be on the same page. Overall when you look back at this year it has been filled with numerous blessing and positive results. Continuing to enjoy all of these experiences will only be enhanced by you not feeling stressed out. This is not the time to make any major financial decisions even if you have something pressing. If it's meant to be than the opportunity will still be there when you are ready.

VIRGO: The month ahead is going to be filled with numerous experiences that can take your mind off of all of the stress that you have endured over the last few months. Expect the unexpected. Everything from people showing up that you haven't seen or heard from in years. To unexpected job or business opportunities. Some of the "off the wall" encounters are the Universe's way of getting your attention. Proceed with an open mind and an open heart. You may not feel festive or even in the holiday spirit. That doesn't mean that you can go with the flow. I realize that I am asking a Virgo to go with the flow! Nothing like breaking out of your self imposed shell. Take it all in. Accept change and look forward to some very pleasurable moments. This is also time for you to reach out to family and friends and let them see how much you have been thinking and missing them. You may also have some down time later this month. This is a perfect time to decompress and spend some quality time with yourself.

LIBRA: It's a bit of a challenge when you are not able to meet your own expectations. You must set goals that you are capable of accomplishing. If you set the bar so high that you fail then ultimately you are going to stop trying. This month take some time to really re-evaluate your motives for the accomplishments on you list. You are completely in control of how well you do. The major stressors are going to be going against what you want or desire. Speak up. Find a happy medium. Compromise if necessary. It's also a time for you to put some serious thought into the things that you would like to accomplish over the next year. You will have some down time around the Holidays to put thought into your goals. If traveling be prepared for delays. Some more significant than others. Single? Definitely make yourself available to accept invitations that will bring a very positive introduction. Take care of your health this Holiday season. All that self imposed stress can make you a germ magnet.

SAGITTARIUS: It's okay to be afraid of change. Most of us are not opposed to change. We are more upset when we can't control the manner in which change occurs. Don't get caught in the How's or Why's. That is so not important. If you're confronted with an unexpected change this month be sure to be optimistic that the Universe has a purpose for inconveniencing you at this time. Do not take it personally. Look for the wisdom within in it. In most cases we end up getting exactly what we need and want. Be sure to make time for family and old friends this holiday season. It's going to help balance your mind set. It's also a time for you to celebrate this new birth year with the hopes, wishes, and goals you desire to see manifest over this next year. Finances are the number one thing that you should see improvement in. You may have to make a few changes in how you manage your resources. This new mind set will benefit you in the future for sure. Some of you may be given and opportunity for that dream job to finally appear. If promises are made be sure to get them in a contract or in writing. Love is always available! Are you? The key this next Birthyear is to be open to new experiences on all levels.




"Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking"


Kahlil Gibran
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