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January Horoscopes

CAPRICORN: Mentally, and emotionally the last year has been a roller coaster for a lot of signs. Take the good with the bad. This is an opportune time to re-evaluate what goals to dismiss and what new desires you would like to see take shape over this next year. Take into consideration all of the hard work that you have done to successful release old outdated thought processes, behaviors and limited beliefs. Now, you can manifest positive, tangible results in the areas of your life that you have been wanting for a while now. Be clear in your intent. Don't waste precious time and energy on replaying the past over and over. Disappointment, pain and anger are sometimes the way we have to grown and above all LET IT GO. Professionally, you should have been able to see result over the last few months. If not, it is only a matter of time. Romantically, those of you who have yet to connect on a deeper spiritual level with a certain person. It is also just around the corner. Be sure you are open to meeting NEW interests. Out with the old or EX's! You are not going backward. Financially, this year will give you more disposable income. Get out of debt and start a more long-term savings habit so you can feel more financially secure. Finally, it is imperative that you implement a healthier habit in your life. It is not always what you eat or drink. It is also doing things that support a more relaxed lifestyle.

AQUARIUS: Wow, what a year? If you have been able to sit back the last few weeks and really look at this year. Did you do your best? Of course, you always do. However, did you take the opportunity to clear out any and all old emotions that came up through out the year? Over the next 12months you will be able to fine tune the areas of your life that you feel need the most attention. Those of you who have been struggling with your career or income path will be able to finally come to the right conclusion. If you are starting over? Be prepared that learning a new career or even going back to school is not out of the question. Those, of you who have had to make some really hard decisions about your intimate personal relationships. Don't regret any choices you were forced to make universally. Change forces us to see the truth. It can also give us clarity. Singles have a lot to look forward to over the next year. Those of you in long-term committed relationships should have been able to get closer to your partner or mate this last year. Some of you may have had to deal with some hard-cold facts about family and situations that are not pleasant. Be thankful that you were given the strength and courage to redefine those boundaries. Take time to put new goals into place. Continue to implement changes that suit you, and where you desire to see results. Know that you don't owe anyone any explanations for choices and stop allowing yourself to in a mental prison. You can only make you happy. Everyone else has to be accountable for their happiness. I know what a concept.

PISCES: Have you been able to separate hopes, wishes, and desires with the mindful energy to get exactly what you need, want, and hope to accomplish. Applying the energy is the key. Sometimes we have to take leaps of faith in order to get what we need. If you have been spinning your wheels and are not getting any of the results you'd hoped. 2020 gives you the opportunity to it the right way. Get rid of all of the toxic people, places and distractions that are prolonging your outcomes. If you want the career job? Stop wasting time on no money outlets. Third parties or others that can not get you there. If you want a healthy relationship partner? Stop settling for those who are broken and passing time while you are waiting for someone to just show up in your life. If you are not available, mentally, physically or spiritually. Then, no. no one is just going to rescue you. The Universe has been waiting to bless you with the things you desire so deeply. You have to stop sabotaging the way. You have the resources to get it all. Come into the New Year with a clear intent. Cleaning house can be very scary. It's change. Change is always going to make room for new. Don't allow fear to paralyze your mind.

ARIES: In a very short period of time you can accomplish a lot. Those of you, who have been contemplating some major life changes, 2020 will definitely, bring change. If you don't have a game plan you could be conflicted by opportunities that are being presented. A tentative game plan will at least keep you on track. Some of you may be impacted by change due to those in your life, partners, mates, family. It still has an impact. The one thing is to make sure to not keep any feelings or emotions to your self. You will regret it. It is also imperative to get everything in writing. Especially if you are dealing with legal papers, contracts. Etc. The next year can also give you a different perspective of priorities and taking time to enjoy life. It is amazing how we get so caught up in the day to day. We forget how to live. The next year can give you a new perspective on what is and who are important. This is you will see immediate improvements your mental and physical health. Singles are going to be meeting very interesting people. They are not all keepers. Be thankful for the insight. Those of you in long-term commitments will need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page with all decisions. Especially financial. Any major moves should be clearly defined. Do your homework. Use accountants and attorneys if necessary. A new relaxed sense of peace and harmony will be the outcome. It may also be important to not get into any new projects unless they stimulate your passion. Even if you don't have the support you had hoped.

TAURUS: In some cases, we have to let go of what we think we need or want in order for what is in our best interest to come to light. If you are continuing on the path that you are on. You may not be able to get the outcomes you desire. Coming into the New Year you may be feeling like you are in the dark about certain areas in your life. Having a flexible mindset will save you a lot of mental drama. 2020 can become a year of results. You will definitely have to be open about the agendas of others. Surprises will only cause setbacks. It is time to break patterns, habits, limit beliefs that are all necessary to ensure success. It is a financial year for you for sure. Making sure that you have a healthy relationship with money will give you the ability to be resourceful no matter how strapped you feel now. Some of you are well overdue for a career change. This year you may be forced to. It will be the best thing for your overall income. Those of you who have need to make some physical or residential changes or moves. It may also be necessary. It is not the changes that have to be feared. Staying stuck without results is going to be very scary. Removing your self from personal, or business relationships, that has run their course Also a must. You may have to do some spiritual assessment as to why you are attracting the same types of relationships. Everything you put into play 2020 sets you up for the next few years.

GEMINI: As the year closes you can re-asses that overall. Not bad. Yes, you have had some interesting things occur. Not all bad or good. Whether it was those close to you or even you having to be able to shift they way you act or react to certain situations. This year was one of being able to find your voice. If you can continue on this path you will allow your heart to heal and feel empowered to be happy with how well you are received by others now. We don't realize how important our personal growth impacts everything in our lives. The blessing here is to understand your feelings and address them. 2020 is going to allow you to implement what you have learned about your self and give you the opportunity to create new friendships and healthier relationships on all levels of your life. Financially you don't want to take any chances or make risky investments. Medically you need to stay on top of areas of concern. Those of you in long-term relationships are going to make more time for your partner, family, and those close to you. Especially if someone close to you is experiencing some serious health matters.

CANCER: Sometimes in the best of situations we still can feel blessed but that something is missing. That doesn't mean that we are ungrateful. It means that somewhere in our life we have yet to let go of deep pain that is always with us until we decide to do something to release it once and for all. This last year the Universe has given you a glimpse of the outcomes that you deserve. If you are finding it hard to remain positive or optimistic dig deep. The New Year can give you the ability to work on you. Make the coming year the one where you are going to live purposefully. Self love, self care, self healing. You can have the great job, family, partner, etc. It is all meaning less until you decide to be present. Yes, you have to focus on the day to day responsibilities of living. We all do. If you are truly vested in being happy. Take your power back and do it. If you have yet to make changes, guess what? The next year the Universe may help you to do so. You do not want your health or other matters to force you into to making changes. Do not continue to use excuses to hide behind your fear to see that your needs are equally important.

LEO: As 2019 ends you can look back and see that the last year as busy as it was, did you get to do all of the things that you wanted to do. It is ok to be busy. It is not ok to put all of your desires on hold because everyone around you needs something from you. Boundaries are important for you to control your time. It is ok to put some of last year's goals on this year's list. 2020 will also be busy and exciting. If business or employment there won't be too many changes, unless you are ready to take on more responsibility. If you are looking for intellectual stimulation. Consider classes for fun and growth. Financially you are going to be making great strides in your long term financial goals to become more secure overall. Some of you may be looking at making a major move or home investment. Definitely go for it. You will have to continue to stay on the good health wagon. It's worth it in the end. Singles are going to be focused more on long term relationships. You must let go of the ghosts of the past. They are no longer valid. Time to look forward. Committed couples could start making plans for the future.

VIRGO: The last year has been one of growth and learning. Not only about you but those that you could have given way too much credit to. Understanding that you don't need anyone to validate you is very important. 2020 is going to be a year where you will be able to create short term and long term goals that have not only the potential to get you where you desire to go personally professional and the strength and courage to make sure that you manifest exactly that. Professionally you will be able to start seeing tangible results for your efforts. Maintaining a balance is really the key. Personally, you will be given a few curve balls. This is not anything that you have to be overly prepared for. Mostly, family matters that are coming up to be cleared once and for all. Financially you will be to feel a little less stress about money in general. Just because money frees up doesn't mean not to be frugal. Romantically long-term partner could be adding to family over the next year. Singles are still working on healing. You could meet some very interesting people that will help you to develop a healthier attitude towards commitment and long-term partners. Health matters that surface will be kept under control. Stress management will be a huge factor in health and well being.

LIBRA: Leaving 2019 could have already created challenges that the Universe did not want you to carry into 2020. This will be and is for the best. It is important not to get carried up in the drama and details. Get a plan together so you can hit the ground running. What is also important to recognize is what areas of your life had needed this Universal overhaul. Finances are one of the most important matters. There should be many avenues for you to consider, however, only look at doors that open and have long range growth. Take care once and for all of any and old limitations or mind sets that have hindered your cash flow. Some patterns are hard to break. If you also find that your stress has caused some old habits or addictions to surface. Deal with them immediately. This is not the time to go back down a rabbit hole. The next year is going to be profound in you being able to prevail. You are not going to be able to sit back and wait or even hide. You will have to surround your self with those who are equally successful as you desire to be. Clearing away all of the negatives will be refreshing. Look forward to a new you. That will bring in all of the resources you need to have a great year. Remain motivated and don't let setbacks dictate your moods attitudes.

SCORPIO: If you are coming into the end of another year and feel like that you have not been able to take any time for your self well you haven't and you won't unless something changes. You can't keep making excuses for not having time and energy. Even if your heart is in the right place you may still need to figure things out. It is impossible to change situations and circumstances, but you can choose to change the way you manage your time. 2020 is going to be equally busy. Take some time to breathe and put plans into action that also make you happy. There is not anything or anyone coming to rescue you from you. Work, career, family, friends. None of it matters if you are just going through the motions. Try to be present in everything you do this coming year. We miss and forget to drink in the things that are right in front of us. You never want to have regrets. Financially you will be more focused on long range financial gains and investments in 2020. Romantically you will need to be more available to meeting people in order for singles to have relationship success. Those of you in long term relationships will be able to be more responsive to your partner /mate and you will see great improvement in the relationship. Medically you must stay on top of chronic issue that may never go away.

SAGITTARIUS: This is such an important time to reflect on the areas of your life that you have yet to accomplish. Not all goals are meant to be. Some may need to be re-evaluated. Setting good intention for the coming year should be filled with the things that you have the capacity to accomplish or see manifest. No matter what challenges that have confronted you over 2019 it has not bearing on the outcomes this next year. Be realistic about the ones you set. Be cautious not to let doubts fears and existing disappointments to impede your mindset. If you have spent the last year being forced to repeat patterns. Now is the time to recognize the area of your life that must be cleared. Work diligently to move through it. It is also a time to be aware of those who have been directly responsible for your failures and clear or terminate those relationships. They are not all intimate. Some however are. No matter what you are being confronted with and where you know that you must make significant changes. The other side of this newfound empowerment comes results. You might even feel that you are alone or doing this alone. Well of course you are making room for the Universe to provide the right means and people to help you get where you need to be. If you are having conflict between your head and heart. Go with your intellect. Your heart is still healing. The most important lesson of all for you is to know that you are much stronger as a result.



Expect the best; convert problems into opportunities; 
Be dissatisfied with the status quo; 
Focus on where you want to go, instead of where you're coming from; and most importantly,



Decide to be happy,
Knowing it's an attitude,
A habit gained from daily practice, and not a result or payoff.



Denis Waitley
The Winner's Edge