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February Horoscopes

CAPRICORN: The month ahead is an opportunity to compose your thoughts into healthy goals and plans. This is not the time to act impulsively. All ground work you lay now has long term impact on your future. While Saturn is still in your ruling house you can make positive changes that impact the next 25yr. of your life. Positive changes break any cycles or bad habits that you no longer can identify with. Negative changes watch your health implement new life style habits. If you need to be more fiscally responsible this is the time to change your attitudes towards money in general. There may be more personal goals you desire to set for yourself. This birth year go for it. Relationships with those close to you can feel very strained right now. Keep your cool and don't allow hard feelings to blow into full scale arguments.

AQUARIUS: This month could start off with you feeling like you need to be on guard. This feeling could allow you to miss perceive everyone's intent. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be aware of those you are purposely trying to deceive you. I'm just trying to get you to accurately assess the situations individually before you could something you will not be able to retract. On that note take full advantage of a big burst of energy to get more accomplished than you thought you could. Personal / Romantic relationships that have been strained will be back on track shortly. Money matters can cause unnecessary arguments. Agree to disagree on the $$$$$ subject. Singles, may not find Mr. or Mrs. Right but that doesn't mean you can't have fun while screening candidates.

PISCES: Those of you who have not been able to find the right job or career fit may need to consider a completely new path. Never say never. When we continue to hit walls, it is a sign the Universe is trying to get you to stop sabotaging yourself. Over the next few months your future direction will be come much clearer. Relationships that have been on the rocks may be at a point of no return. Changes are on the way. Those relationships that need to be worked on especially where communications breakdowns are concerned may want to consider adding some professional assistance to get your relationship back on track? An unexpected family health crisis that comes up may require a trip.

ARIES: Have you been so caught up in your own issues that you have not been able to be there for those close to you? This month the ability to be all things to all people could be slightly over whelming. This is a temporary sacrifice when considering the long-term results. A stressful situation that comes up over an unexpected financial challenge will require you seeking out a professional for advice. A short trip with a romantic partner is supposed to get you to take some time to reconnect. Try not to let petty issues to take the pleasure out of your quality time. Singles make sure not to reach out to an ex if you are feeling lonely or melancholy. That is NOT a door you want to reopen.

TAURUS: Emotions currently coming to the surface are to help you to let go of unhealthy thought process that are not going to change any situation. Releasing unproductive energy is the best approach for you to regain your perspective. This month is a very hectic one to say the least. Be careful not to wait until the 11th hour to work on anything that is associated with a critical time line. Especially any matters relating to your work and/or personal finances. Your health is under a make over. Getting into healthier habits will improve you mental outlook as well as your long term physical goals. Be as resourceful financially this month as you can. Money will be coming in but in chunks not in a consistent stream.

GEMINI: You can not let your attitudes and emotions get out of control. Everyone around you is going to test you to the very core. Partners, children, any and all those individuals in your closest circles. This is not the time to address any sensitive subject matters. Your personal health is going to require some immediate life style changes. Some of this health issue can be controlled by medications but you want to take control over your own health as much as possible. Even though you're overall financial picture is fine. You keep stressing about money matters in general. Take some time to recharge your batteries. If you can a short trip may do the trick. If you are unable to get away, you need to create a quiet space you can hibernate in occasionally.

CANCER: Those of you who were unable to make major life changes last year are going to have a small window of opportunity to do so this year. This month doors open that start that pathway to change. Career changes location changes and some of you making that life long commitment to a love interest. Don't be afraid to go all the way. Past experiences are not a reflection of a win /loss theory. Set aside any and all negatives until you see the outcome. Things may turn out better than you think. You are in for some unexpected wins!

LEO: Work stress is not a surprise. This month the surprise is going to be those who have been skating and phoning in a performance will be called out. You just need to stay under the radar and pick up the slack as much as possible. Personally, this month you are going to be going in millions of directions all at once. Some wonderful experiences are coming for you and those close to you. Singles could have a past love interest pop back up. This is not time to reconsider getting back together but get your closure and answers you need to move on once and for all. Those of you in committed relationships are going to start discussing the next step for the future.

VIRGO: You're normally even keeled emotionally. You are usually hardest on your self. Try to stay away from self deafest mind sets that are unnecessary negatives. Work is always going to take precedence in your focus but finding a healthy balance is essential. Stay on top of health routines not to get run down and have a chronic health flare up. Money matters are a little stressful, but opportunities to make more money are on the way over the next few months. Those of you in committed relationships may need to clear the air with your partner to avoid major blow ups. Singles are going to be feeling a little more social leading to meeting some very interesting individuals. It still may be later in the year before you are ready to let anyone in that door?

LIBRA: You may think that you are not going to come out of this funk. You may need to seriously evaluate the situations you have become entangled in- are they really yours to work on or are you dealing with people who only have their best interest a heart and you are now clearly being used and/or being taken advantage of. Clean house. You are going to feel much better when being surrounded by positive motivated individuals. This impacts all areas of your life. Intimate co-workers and even those you considered friends. Once you can identify what works for you. It will be easy to redefine your boundaries with others. Pay attention to spending money to make up for emotional deficits.

SCORPIO: When feeling like you are the victim it may be important for you to assess the true blessings in your life. It gets old if you are constantly complaining and not doing anything about it. You may have someone you never thought would voice their opinion and call you out on your negativity but be prepared. It would be best to take it as positive and constructive. Process it as someone wanting you to be happy. Your health requires some serious health check ups. A specialist may be required to correct the problem. Personal relationships are not going to go well this month, but you can weather the storm. If you are testing the boundaries are cautious you may not like the responses, you get. Unfortunately, the Universe is trying to get you to be a little more compassionate in order to get tangible results.

SAGITTARIUS: Finding the right outlet for a secure financial income source is going to be a lot easier than you anticipate. Unfortunately, it may not come as quickly as you need. Some of you are not going to enlist the help of others that you had hoped would be the answer. Relationships are in a delicate state of balance. Pay attention to the needs of an older family member. Just as you thought that you have closed all doors to the past a highly emotional situation comes up once and for all to get cleared up. Your own health needs an overhaul. Some of you need to get back into a health routine. Committed relationships are going to be tense but just get to the facts and not old baggage. A major project will be delayed but will come to fruition shortly.



"There is little sense in attempting to change external conditions,

you must first change inner beliefs then outer conditions will change accordingly.


Brian Adams
How to Succeed