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October Horoscopes
 Happy Halloween Month
CAPRICORN: Financial matters are stressful this month to say the least. It isn't so much the money coming in? However, the money going out (due to numerous) unexpected expenses could be so outrageous, that it's a joke. You will be able to meet all the demands on your resources. It is possibly going to trigger your emotional issues relating to money. This is a perfect opportunity to once and for all get a handle on being more resourceful in general. That is not the problem... The important thing to remember is, when the Universe creates a reason to work on our deep-seated issues, we can break the pattern once and for all. The news this month is not all bad. You will also be able to spend some quality time with family and friends this month. You may even see someone you haven't seen in a while. This could also be someone who could have a romantic interest if you are single and open. Go for it!

AQUARIUS: It's important to think before you say or do anything this month, that could be considered impulsive and out of the box. Your emotions are overruling your intellectual mind. It doesn't matter what area of your life that you are currently dissatisfied with; this is not the time make any moves. Personal or Professional, things are going to work out better than you think. Impulse actions have not served you well in the past so keep the previous lessons in mind. You'll have more than enough responsibilities to keep you busy. This will also balance that self-imposed emotional roller coaster that you are on. Pace yourself so that you can take the time to get all your tasks accomplished to perfection. If you phone it in, you are more likely looking at spending more time correcting unnecessary errors. The timing couldn't be better for you to implement a new outlet that will help you to expend energy into positive and constructive manner.

***Mercury will go Retrograde on October 28th***

PISCES: The difference between peace and balance are delicate. You must find a happy medium. Most of the time you can fix problems on your own. It may be time for you to consider enlisting the help of those who can get you through locked doors. It is not a sign of weakness when you reach out for assistance. If you find that you are constantly hitting a wall while trying to get something accomplished think about who can assist you. You may be pleasantly surprised who comes to your rescue. Personally, you will have to wait in order to get the results you are looking for, patience is the key. Like you didn't already know that. It is the key. We spoke a little last month about boundaries. This is still resonating into this month. You can't feel short changed or cheated if you continue to redefine you boundaries with those who are clearly taking advantage of you. Cut some of these individuals off if necessary.

ARIES: Emotions run high when passions are at the center of a debate. Pick and choose your battles. It's also important for you to have all your facts before you make accusations. If you would like to be taken seriously, have a platform that benefits everyone. If a resolution is not able to be achieved, you may have to accept the situation as it is. Health is a factor this month that you will have to make a priority. Get more than one opinion before you make any major decisions. Especially if surgery is required or suggested. The other area that is demanding your attention is relationships. In professional relationships take time to surround yourself with people who have the same work ethics and integrity that support your efforts. Personally, you must decide who in your circle is a benefit or toxic and make some serious decisions accordingly. It's hard to eliminate people and situations, but it has to be done for us to grow. Take time to evaluate what is in your best interests.

TAURUS: Staying grounded is hard enough on a daily basis. Keeping your mind and thoughts clear are imperative this month so that you do not cloud issues and miss Key information. If you're approaching situations from a victim mentality, you will only attract additional challenges. If you take a more objective approach to anything you are working on, you will be able to navigate any and all situations to success. It's also very important to be aware of you can trust. Hold those accountable in order to make sure they are able to provide what they are promising; while ditching those who just love to hear themselves talk! This will make room for those who are beneficial to make an entrance. Boundaries are a big theme this month for all signs. You may be allowing yourself to be misdirected by the wrong people. Take a minute to re-group and make the necessary changes... using the right people will finally get you to the results you are hoping to achieve. This is also not the month that you want to overspend on anything personally or professionally. Resources will be tight over the next few months.

GEMINI: Are you ignoring the facts of a situation? Due to not wanting to hurt someone's feelings? You may need to clear the air before some pent up emotion comes to the surface and creates a mess. Choose your words carefully. A heart to heart conversation might be exactly what has been needed to get things back on track. You may find that both you and the source of your frustration are both feeling the same way. One additional issue that is not helping you to find peace right now is mentally over thinking about all of the past areas that you can not change. Living in the moment is certainly a mind set that you will come to like as you let go of all the unnecessary chatter in your head. Going back and trying to re-review like a movie is not going to help you go understand they how's or why's. The take away is did you grow and learn from the experience?

CANCER: It's hard to believe that everything for the most part can be going really well. If you find yourself trying to look for reasons to be stressed worried or unhappy- STOP! If the Universe if giving you a break... Give yourself one also! It's not necessary to be prepared for every little event that we could encounter. Take this time to learn to breathe and be particularly appreciative of this reprieve. I'm not saying that you're not busy and have a lot on your plate... What I am trying to get you to do, is not add burdens where there aren't any. This is a time to be productive and focus on self-love and self-care so that you can nurture you spirit. It will take some getting used to, but you might like how you feel. It can also be contagious and those around you will also get on board and love the new you as well.

LEO: It appears that you're in store for a busy month ahead. Timing is everything, so if something isn't feeling right with moving forward... Don't! It's just that simple. Something inside is trying to get in touch with you and you do not want to miss any important messages. Trust your gut instincts right now. If you are sensing that you need to wait... Do so! The challenge is convincing others who may feel it's the time to forge ahead blindly to slow it down. There is plenty of time to act before the end of the year to see tangible results. Professionally, you could have a few unsolicited opportunities to grow. Is this really the direction you see as a good fit? Graciously decline if you're not interested. It could just be a confirmation of a job well done to be considered. Family matters are a large source of your social calendar this month. Be prepared for a few surprises.

VIRGO: In trying to be overly accommodating you do not want to go against your better judgment. This month your energy levels could be low so you can't afford to give anything else to anyone. Those who need your assistance will be appreciative of your time. It may be time to re-define boundaries with certain people in your life to allow room for more like minded spirits to enter. You could consider this a little spiritual house cleaning. In most cases if you stop indulging those who refuse to grow, they will move in another direction. If you are dealing with toxic people, consider whether you desire to take on such a task. The key for you this month is to take and make time for you. Recharge your batteries. Catch up on your favorite past times. Spend some quiet time. Get out in nature. Do all of your self nurturing before you nurture anyone else. If you choose to help others? Make sure that they are willing to do the work.

LIBRA: Are you starting any new paths this month? Be prepared for small delays that could work out to your advantage. You're not going to get everything accomplished in a short amount of time; however, what you do accomplish is going to be significant. While you're on the fast track to succeed, try to take time to consider others and their feelings without stepping on toes. Your intent is not hurtful. In saying that, consider those close to you who are sensitive to avoid any heated debates or conflicts. Take a moment and possibly include others, even if you don't need the help. You're now moving into another birth year so make your goals personal with the intent on being able to meet said goals. There is no use in setting yourself up for defeat. Be realistic with what you desire to accomplish over the next birth year to give you a chance to see how the "Law of Attraction" works. This also a time to set more long-range goals.

SCORPIO: You have the capacity to accomplish a lot; however, if you're completely burned out, you will not be able to do anything. Mentally and physically you want to divide you time to be able to meet all of the demands placed upon you. Personally, you may find that you're going through the motions but could care less. Those close to you are definitely going to be pulling at you. Try to look at this as quality time. Professionally, if you get in the habit of doing the job of others, it will become expected of you. This will only trigger old emotional baggage and cause you to shut down or explode. Either one will not be pretty. Before you agree to anything you may want to be sure that you're really on board. You must take some time for yourself and your needs or you will not be able to fake it. Health matters may surface as a result. You say what you mean and mean what you say. This will avoid an unnecessary war in your head.

SAGITTARIUS: It's time to sort some things out that have needed your attention for some time... If you're unhappy with certain areas of your life, it's time to stop waiting for change and create the outcomes you desire. If you're unable to make big changes? Then changing the way that you allow yourself to react and get upset, is a must! You have all of the power you need from within to get things back into a normal rhythm. Don't choose to give all of your power to others or the situation. Being able to come to the right conclusions and apply the energy needed will bring you the outcomes you're looking for. A problem will arise if you rely on third parties or go betweens who have not the ability to deliver. You can do it on your own. This will give you the sense of pride and accomplishment. Taking all of that into consideration, now you know that nothing is truly holding you back!


"Success is a journey not a destination half the fun is getting there."

Gita Bellin