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Welcome 2018 - Year of the Brown Earth Dog




We read this last week & thought it beautiffully discussed the Year of the Brown Earth Dog of 2018: 


"We welcome the Tibetan and Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog. After an extreme Year of the Fire Rooster, which stirred our passions and ignited us to rise and mobilize into action, we now move into the grounding energy of double Earth in this New Year of the Dog.

Integrity becomes central in all we do, as we continue to re-build a more solid foundation that is rooted and aligned with our universal values of love and respect for all. In this cycle we ground down and take our power back. We use discernment with what we take in and consume in all ways, be it television, social media, thoughts, attitudes, the food we eat, what we buy etc.  Dog shows us the importance of being loyal and how that deepens our relations. We are reminded to use our bark against Injustice as we team up as guardians and caretakers of our planet Earth and all that we hold sacred.

We are waking up, and together rising. Like Sting once sang, "There is a deeper wave than this, swelling in the world... There is a deeper wave than this, listen to me girl."

Here's the Astral Insights on this 2018 Chinese and Tibetan New Year of Earth Dog. First from Narrye Caldwell, Chinese Astrologer and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

"The inevitability of change is a fundamental principle in Chinese astrology. And the ability to skillfully adjust to continually shifting cycles, is a longevity art. Wisdom tells us, that no matter what difficulties you are facing, no matter how hopeless or frightening the situation seems, if you wait it out, a turning point will come. The important thing is to maintain your composure and recognize the moment when appropriate action will be effective." That turning point is now. Welcome to the Year of the Earth Dog.

Let's begin with the element (Earth) that rules this year. Earth has the qualities of stability, nourishment, consistency, balance and harmony. Earth is related to the digestive system in Chinese medicine, and its function of selecting, through our appetite, the correct foods for our condition. When working well, our earth element effortlessly transforms food and thought, (everything we take in), into substance and vitality. When depleted we can get stuck, exhausted, lose our way, become obsessive worriers.

"The coming lunar year, which begins on February 16, is a double Earth year. Not only do we have Earth appearing in the natural cycle of heavenly chi (which progresses through Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water for two years each), but also, the Dog's innate element is Earth... To make best use of this incoming Earth energy, it will be crucial to pay attention to your diet. By this I mean not just the food you eat, but everything you take in; this includes thoughts, ideas, information, and attitudes.

"Attention to what you feed yourself this year will have profound effects on the health of your own Earth element, (your ability to sort fact from fiction) and may determine whether you can rise courageously above the turmoil that threatens the village, or end up in the bog with the marauders...

The Dog is all about loyalty and guardianship. Honest, trustworthy, and fair, Dog is a vigilant protector of friends, family, and all he holds dear. Some call Dog a cynic and an anxious worrier. But who among us doesn't know this territory? When you care about something deeply, and are charged with protecting it with your life, you'd be anxious too. When well supported, the best qualities of Dog come forward- corruption is rooted out, tyranny and oppression overturned, and justice prevails.

However, when dogs are stressed, isolated, and left without compassionate leadership, (consider the poor junkyard dog chained alone outside), they can turn into dangerous unpredictable lunatics.

This we want to avoid by putting aside our differences, seeing the best in each other, teaming up for the higher good, and generally behaving like a well-organized pack. The restoration of justice is the opportunity of the Dog year."

© Copyright 2018 ~Narrye Caldwell. All Rights Reserved


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August Horoscopes
CAPRICORN: The last few weeks are to be considered an indicator of how to maneuver emotionally, so that you don't hit a wall. Take a step back, and think about what you want to say and how you can put the words into a positive disclosure that will keep a possibly volatile situation from becoming out of hand and prevent everyone's feelings from getting hurt. Use caution when considering any major financial ventures at this time. If it sounds too good to be true, you know it is! All financial gains will be coming from your employment or existing sources. Try not to lose your temper with family/children. They may have to learn a life lesson by being accountable for their choices.

AQUARIUS: This is not the best time to take any risks. In personal or professional situations maintain your composure. Whatever energy is fueling your anxiety it won't last long nor will it be worth stressing over. It is very important not to over extend yourself. You can no longer allow everyone in your circle to make unrealistic demands of you and your time. This is a perfect time for you to say "NO" and take your personal power back. Now is also a good time to re-assess your priorities and make adjustments as necessary. Financially, it is past a point to really start looking at where to cut back on frivolous spending. You may be quite surprised at where all the waste is really going.

PISCES: Are you being hyper sensitive? If you find that you are projecting this emotional storm into your relationships? Personally it can cause irreversible damage. If you are unable to maintain your emotional composure while trying to focus on work you are going to see negative not positive results. Which ever one of theses scenarios apply to you currently it is imperative to change it immediately to stop the sabotage. You can repair any damage now if you adjust your thinking. Use positive energy to reinforce your fears and even allow yourself the opportunity to talk to someone to understand if these emotions are more deep seat emotional issues that the Universe is bring to the surface in order for you to work on and release once and for all.

ARIES: Unhealthy attachments can be the root of why you are not seeing the results that you had hope to see in any of your current endeavors. As the old saying goes "an empty cup can not quench anyone's thirst" before you are going to see desired results in all areas of your life you must find a way to be complete or whole on your own. You will see desired results shortly. This is the perfect time for you to really decide what you need. If you are looking out side of your self to achieve happiness you are setting yourself up for disappointment and defeat. Take some time to dig deep and honestly come to a conclusion of what happiness means to you. This spiritual awakening will be followed by a complete change in your life.

TAURUS: Sometimes we need to disconnect from certain thoughts and ideas for the Universe to provide you with the gift of insight. This is a very positive time to put all of your energy into areas of your life you would like to see bring you outcomes. Don't waste time on helping others to achieve their goals. Be selfish, and give support while not allowing yourself to be distracted or even detoured. Health matters that flare up are not serious. However, this may be a wake up call in order to make necessary changes in life style and dietary habits. An old financial matter may come up unexpectedly for you to clear up once and for all.

GEMINI: Pay attention to the details. If you miss something you could be dealing with drama that you would rather ignore. You may also want to use caution when saying what is on your mind to the wrong person. Your ruling Mercury has moved into retrograde and will remain there the rest of the month. You may be accurate in your assessment of the situation. You may also have to accept that some people can't handle the true or choose to not want to see it. This especially true this month when dealing with partners in your personal or professional lives. This is also a time where you want to not ignore any opportunities to find a new passion or intellectual outlet. You could find a new talent that you didn't realize you posses. How fun?

CANCER: Are you flipping yourself out for the right or wrong reasons? If you are not able to see the big picture then don't do anything. Patience will be required until the Universe creates the right opportunity. Focus on the positive things happening in your life. Don't sabotage the good things because you are not happy or disappointed about small stuff. Actually, over the next few months things are going to work out even better than you expected. Do pay attention to your health. While you are under all of this self imposed stress you could have a chronic health matter resurface. You need to know when to take a rest. A small trip or mini vacation wouldn't hurt.

LEO: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Small drama can turn into big DRAMA in a matter of one reaction. This is a perfect time for you to address the things that are really bothering you with a diplomatic approach. When dealing with a business associate who only sees things one way, just let it go for now. They are going to finally be held accountable. Since it will be coming from someone in a position of authority, they will have to get it. (This time). Personally, you may have to address whether or not someone is worth the effort. Don't allow yourself to go out of your way to try and help someone who is not ready to help themselves. A small financial windfall may be a welcome surprise later this month.

VIRGO: If you have been feeling like your days, and weeks are running together, they are. This month you could have a little down time to get caught up on some other priorities that you have been unable to get to. You also want to make sure to take some time to recharge your batteries. You may not be able to get away from exacting schedules but you can take a few hours here and there to detach. Due to your ruling Mercury now being in retrograde, it is important to not make any major changes that impact your life in a big way. You are also getting ready to shift into a new birth year. This is however the perfect time to clear up any unresolved issues you would like not to have to deal with over the next year. Some of the issues can be mental and or emotional.

LIBRA: Actions are going to have a larger impact than your promises this month. If you are trying to make a specific point do it with outcomes. You may be dealing with more than on situation right now without any ability to enlist the help of others. You don't need to rely on anyone right now. The challenge confronting you at this time may be financial. Do not take any chances with your finances information. Take specific precautions as necessary. You may also be dealing with have to sign a large contract or legal document. While Mercury is still in retrograde (until August 19th) Get the assistance if you have to in order to make sure that the documents are accurate.

SCORPIO: Emotions can run high while dealing with other who may not see things the way you do. Be as flexible as possible in order to avoid a major issue with a family member or co-worker. This personality conflict will have some serious consequences. Just be sure to have fact and compose your choice of words carefully. You may also have to do some serious accounting for time to someone who is being over interested in your comings and goings. Your overall financial picture is fine however; make sure not to blow your budget. Over the next few months you could have multiple unexpected high expenses all at once.

 SAGITTARIUS: An unexpected financial opportunity coming your way must not only make sense it also has to work into your current life style. If you are seeking a new job or career avenue the right opportunity will be coming to you over the next few months. If you feel like you have to sell your soul for it? Walk away! Finances are going to improve but you may still need to be frugal through any transitions. Don't hesitate to put feelers out there. Your health can not be compromised due to your stress. If you find yourself falling into old or unhealthy habits? Reach out to the support systems that can help you to navigate any difficulties. Positive changes are on the way. 



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